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Piano Time 1 Lesson Tutorials 

Piano Time 1 by Pauline Hall is one of our favourite piano tutor books that we keep using time and time again for our piano lessons. We like it as we feel it is well paced and starts with both hands in the first lesson and develops treble and bass clef reading simultaneously throughout the book. It incorporates its mix of original and traditional pieces, and has a good number of theory explanations and exercises to aid new concepts. It is perfect for children aged 7+ and if adults are willing to ignore some of the illustrations, can make a great tutor book for an older learner wanting a slower pace. This book jumps straight in with musical notation as well as fingering, so we tend to choose a different tutor book for younger pupils age 4-6 that introduces fingering and pieces on the black keys first. If your looking for an all in one piano book, Piano Time 1 is an excellent choice. 

These tutorials are not designed to replace a teacher or attending a piano lesson or class. They should be used to help you in-between times to support your piano practice. We have not provided a demonstration for all the pieces in the both, rather a few key songs that pupils would benefit from having reference to in-between lessons.  

Evening Tune - p7 

This piece encompasses everything we have learnt so far. We have three notes in treble and bass clef to read as well as 1, 2 and 3 beat notes. 

TIPS: Make sure you keep your fingers curved and stay placed in the correct hand position throughout the piece and keep both hands on the keyboard, even when you are not using them. 

Upstairs Downstairs, Strange Meeting,  Lightly Row - p8

New notes added in the right hand on this page. Using fingers 4 and 5 can be difficult so don't worry if you accidentally press two keys down at once. It may take a bit of practice to get the co-ordination. Just remember to keep a good hand position and avoid lifting your fingers too high off the keys to compensate to get your fingers 4 and 5 playing independently. 

See A Pin and Loud and Soft, p9

New notes added in the left hand on this page. Using fingers 4 and 5 can be difficult so don't worry if you accidentally press two keys down at once. If your right handed it may be even more tricky to start with. Dynamics are added for the first time. Remember 'F - Forty' is loud and 'p-piano' means play quietly. When playing loud don't hammer the keys - never sacrifice playing loudly for producing a nice tone! 

Drip Drop and Look - Hands Together p10

Here we introduce rests for the first time as well as recap all the notes introduced so far. Make sure you don't hold the notes through the rest and try to avoid taking your fingers too far off the keys. For 'Look hands together', try and have a nice even tone between both hands and watch out for the alternating hands when playing the C's at the end. 

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