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Our music school is dedicated to delivering our 350+ students high quality and affordable music tuition. We know that learning music has a multitude of benefits, both academically and socially for children. We are passionate about what we do and want to share our musical skills to help enable children and adults develop a passion for life. Our music school is based on a new concept of music education providing a musical journey from birth to adulthood. We aim to deliver high quality musical education, built on proven teaching methodologies whilst helping develop and enhance transferable skills useful for wider learning. 

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Our Music Lessons Angus Studio offers a large range of lessons and classes in a variety of musical disciplines including piano lessons, guitar, violin, singing and baby and toddler classes.  Our purpose built studio is based in Arbroath and is equipped with top of the range instruments and facilities. Our studio consists of a large open plan class and performance space, two individual teaching spaces and a keyboard suite. Learn more about our MLA studio including term dates, services and news.



MCS Dundee is set just north of the city centre, our studio facitility is situated within Showcase the Street, Manhattan Works. Our facility boasts a teaching suite equipped with quality teaching resources and access to larger open plan studios for our larger classes. The facility also hosts a large reception area and cafe. Our MLD is a recent addition to the music collective and offers our most popular music lessons and classes including piano, guitar and vocal lessons and group instrumental classes. 



We are delighted to announce the new location of our music schools - MCS Perth. First launched  in August 2021, our third music school will replicate the lessons and classes that we have established within out Arbroath and Dundee locations. 

To find out more about what we will have on offer or to register your interest in classes or lessons, follow the 'learn more' below. 

At Music Collective Scotland, we offer a wide range of lessons and classes for all ages. We teach disciplines including piano, keyboard, ukulele, guitar, violin, brass and woodwind and voice. Our individual lessons are £15 + VAT  for half an hour lessons and are usually on a weekly basis at our studios in Arbroath, Dundee and Perth or online via zoom. 


Our classes are individually priced and take place at our studio weekly during term time. Many of our pupils are enrolled in both classes and lessons and learn multiple disciplines. Our students benefit from the opportunity to study towards ABRSM, MTB and Scottish Fiddle exams as well get the opportunity to perform throughout the year in our whole school concerts. 


For availability of individual lessons, please get in touch with us. Timetable for our classes are to view here.  

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Group and individual piano and keyboard lessons 


Violin and Fiddle lessons and Ensembles


Guitar and Ukulele lessons and groups classes 


Baby, Toddler and Pre-school


Musical Theatre, Singing Classes and Vocal Tuition 

Boy Playing Trombone

Recorder, Brass and Woodwind Lessons 

Music Classes and Lessons

What Our Parents Say

"So glad we found this music school!" Vocal Lessons

"My daughter has been going to piano lessons for around a year now and looks forward to every lesson. I love listening to what she has been learning and her confidence has grown so much!"Piano Lessons

"I honestly cannot recommend these classes enough, just fantastic!!" Baby & Toddler Class

Frequently asked questions

How do I book a class or lesson?

All of our booking are managed through our online booking software 'Class for Kids'. You can book classes through the 'Book a class' page or by contacting us. For individual lessons, please get in touch with us directly and we will provide you avilability and provide a booking link.

How do I pay for classes or lessons?

For new pupils, you can pay at the time of booking through our online payment system. We accept a large range of debit and credit cards. You can also chose to pay via bank transfer. For recurring pupils, you will be sent a booking confirmation in advance of each block with a payment link to our online payment system. Parents/students can log in and manage thier account and payments at any time accessed through the 'Parent login' section on our webiste.

Once enrolled, do I need to keep booking my space each block?

No. Our software auto enrols our class and lesson pupils into the same classes and lessons they are booked into. This auto enrolment makes sure you always retain your class space or lesson until you decide otherwise. You will recieve an email confirmation at in advance of each block to confirm your child has been auto-enroilled with a link to make a payment.

Can I have a trial before commiting to classes or lessons.

Yes, absolutely. It is possible to book a trial class or lesson at the time of booking. Most of our trial classes and lessons are charged at a single class/lesson rate, although some classes have a free trial option. After your trial lesson, you will be invited to continue with your class/lesson through our booking system, which you can accept or decline.

Does the lessons and classes run in the school holidays?

No. Our studios are term time only, and follow the term dates of the local authority that it is situated in. Our term dates are published a year in advance, and can be found on the website homepage. Individual lessons during school holidays can be arranged by mutual agreement beteween pupil and teacher. There is no obligation from either pupil or teacher to recieve/give lessons during school holidays.

How much notice period do I have to give to cancel my class/lesson?

Should you wish to cancel your individual lessons, written notice must be given 4 weeks in advance of lessons ending. To cancel a space in a group class, written notice must be given 24hours in advance of the class. All written notices should be emailed to

The class I want to join is full. What should I do?

On our booking system, if the class is full you will be given to option to join a waiting list. As soon as a space becomes available, we will notify you by email.