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Meet Joanne - Pupil Spot Light April 21

We caught up with MCS violin and piano student Joanne. She has been receiving lessons within our Music Lessons Angus Studio for over a year and receives lessons as part of her HNC in music.

What classes/lessons do you attend and how long for?

I’ve been attending MCS for about a year, I receive both piano and

violin lessons.

What were you looking for in your music lessons?

Just to find enjoyment again and with a tutor who was more than

happy to help me improve my performance. It had been a while

since I had lessons (I am 20 and left school in 2018), and coming

to Gill weekly for lessons has not only allowed me to become

more confident in my playing but I’ve improved so much within

the past year and I feel I’ve been pushed to do even better.

Prior to joining MCS, I struggled with my mental health, and

coming back to learning my instruments, it definitely has helped

my moods, and my overall wellbeing.

What are your short term/long term musical goals?

After coming to MLA at the beginning of lockdown last year, I was

inspired to go follow my dreams of studying music. When I was at

school my original plan was to study music but now coming back

to it, since receiving lessons here at MCS I hope to finish my HNC

Music course in May, then head off and complete my HND and

then hopefully BMus Music Education or BMus Music.

Why have you chosen music as a career?

If I’m being honest, I really don’t know.

I think that my school years and the past year here at MCS, I’ve

managed to gain loads of experience and different ways of

learning. I think I’d like to influence young people in the future to

study the subject. It’s just my passion and I feel it helps me

express my emotions.

How has your musicianship/performance skills improved

since starting lessons with MCS?

A massive impact! My knowledge, performance skills and

confidence have all grown more since starting lessons. I love

receiving my lessons each week and is one of my main highlights

each week that keep me going.

Would you recommend MCS to others looking for music

lessons, if so why?

I’d recommend MCS to others looking for music lessons as it

provides a brilliant service, and everyone is so friendly!

How have you found the transition to online lessons during

the pandemic? Has your teacher supported you in learning


Gill has provided an excellent transition to both face to face and

online lessons, as well as support to my learning throughout the

pandemic - I just feel sorry if she has to hear my dogs barking!

Any additional comments you would be willing to share

regarding your experience of learning with Gill or at MCS in


Absolutely amazing tutor and I cannot wait for more fun

adventures in my learning to come. Roll on 2021!


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