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Meet Naomi - MLA Pupil Spotlight March 2021

With many parents not able to come and view our studios in person in the last year, we have decided to introduce you to some of our pupils and parents and let them share their experience of our music school and how lockdown has been for them. We hope to spotlight a variety of pupils of all ages across all of our different classes and lessons.

Our first spotlight features 6 year old Music Lessons Angus pupil, Naomi. Naomi and her mum has been attending classes at MLA since its first launch in 2018. We caught up with her mum (virtually of course), Carolyn and asked her to share her experience of learning with Music Collective Scotland.

Music Lessons Angus ukulele and piano pupil - Naomi
Naomi - Age 6

What classes/lessons do you attend and how long for?

'We attended baby and toddler classes from the very first taster session. Our daughter then moved on to junior music and has also been taking early keys (piano) and early strummers (ukelele) classes for seven months. She also attended the Summer Junior Music Holiday Club in 2019.'

Why do you think music is so important for your daughter?

'It makes her happy, she has always loved the social aspect of the classes. I believe music has benefited her greatly for starting school. The classes increased her attention span and memory, I also saw a difference in her vocabulary. She learned from a very young age how to focus and follow instructions. She responds to music and it helps her emotionally.'

Why did you decide to enrol with MLA for classes or lessons?

'We have a musical family so I grew up experiencing the benefits of music. I love to sing and this was something I was keen to share with my daughter.'

What does your daughter enjoy most about attended classes at MLA?

'She has always enjoyed the social aspect of group classes which is why learning instruments in a small group is perfect for her. When asked what she enjoys most she replied "having fun!".'

How has your child engaged during lockdown with their music?

'She has struggled at times not being able to attend classes in the studio but has adapted well to online classes and looks forward to seeing her class on screen each week. Lockdown has been challenging for her but each music class always gives her a boost.'

Anything else you would like to share about your experience or learning with MLA?

'Baby and toddler classes was such a lovely opportunity for me to do something I loved with my daughter. To learn and interact with her which lead to more of this at home. It was priceless to have that time with her and be there to watch her grow in confidence and develop a love for music. These classes not only benefited my daughter but they made such a difference to my confidence and are a perfect way to meet other parents.

I would highly recommend MLA/MLD for music tuition. There is such an enthusiasm to teach children through music from a very young age knowing the impact it can have. They are also very passionate about this opportunity being available to everyone.'


If you would be interested in featuring in our spotlight and share your experience of learning with MCS, then please get in touch.

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