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Learning Resources 

Our Learning Resources are developed for pupils, parents and practitioners to aid in their musical learning and development. This online library of resources will continuously be developed and added to over time so keep checking back to view our latest learning materials. 

Piano Time 1 Tutorial.jpg

Piano Time 1 is one of our most popular tutor books used by our teachers. It is an excellent introduction to the piano for those with a good understanding of the alphabet and numeracy skills. This tutorial series includes piano video demonstrations and some technique and reading tips for some of the highlights in this tutor book.  'Piano Time 1 - Video Tutorials'.   This series is helpful for current pupils in-between lessons, children or adults learning considering taking piano lessons or piano teachers who are considering using the tutor book. 

Faber's Piano Adventures is one of our 'go to' tutor books for our younger pupils (age 4-7). The tutor books success for this age groups lies with the use of fingering to play pieces initially before moving gradually to more standard notation. It also strengthens and develops co-ordination using the black keys first which is much more accessible to children of this age group. We use the tutor book as part of our Early Keys programme. These tutorials can be useful to parents who are practicing at home with their children. It may also be useful for teachers who are considering materials suitable for a younger student who is struggling with the traditional notation approach.  Faber Piano Adventures Tutorials

Faber Piano Adventures.jpg
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