Piano and Keyboard Lessons

At Music Lessons Angus and Dundee we offer individual piano lessons and keyboard lessons. Piano is one of our most popular instruments and we have a large number of children and adults learning enrolled our individual lessons and classes. Many of our students attend multiple classes and lessons in different disciplines. 

Our classes and lessons are delivered by highly qualified and experienced teachers who are graduates of some of the most prestigious Conservatoires and Universities in the UK. We can prepare pupils for formal music examinations including ABRSM, Trinity. MTB and SQA examinations. Our individual lessons are available in 30 min, 45 min or 60 minutes and are usually on a weekly basis during term time. Additional lesson are available on an ad hoc basis during the holidays. Lessons are delivered at our purpose built studio and/or online via zoom. 

Child Playing Piano

Early Keys


This class offers children  aged 5-7 and early introduction to the instrument. Using a variety of games and fun activities, pupils develop familiarity with the instrument in a more relaxed environment suited to the younger learner. In small groups of five, children will be introduced slowly to music notation, basic technique and develop rhythm and pitch. Progression from this class would be our piano keyboard classes or lessons. 

Piano Class


This class is taught in small groups and suitable for beginners or early keys graduates that will take children up until prep-test level. Learners will develop fingering technique and learn musical notation and rhythm. Suitable for ages 8+, on successful completion of the programme pupils can progress to individual piano lessons in preparation for their grade 1 exam. 


Piano Ensemble

Our piano performance class is suitable for pupils who already get 1-1 piano lessons and are a minimum standard of Grade 1. This class is an opportunity to play ensemble piano pieces as well perform solo is master classes to work on performance skills. Piano can often be a lonely instrument so this class is a great way to make it more social and develop key music skills like ensemble skills, aural, and theory. The class also preforms at our end of term concerts. 

Keyboard Classes

Our keyboard classes are perfect for those who would like to play for leisure. We develop basic music reading skills and develop ear training skills. This class offers different skills from our piano programme and is suitable for ages 8-16. This class features more popular music including modern pop songs, musical theatre and movie themes. Our class also performs as a group at our end of term concerts.