Baby, Toddler & Pre-school Music Classes


Join Music Lessons Angus on a musical education journey from birth to school age. Love to sing, play and move to music? – then this class is for you.

A new concept of classes built on ‘next stage’ learning that uses music education to promote brain development, language and speech development, fine motor skills, numeracy skills, spatial reasoning, and social skills.

Learn with an experienced and highly qualified teacher with classes designed and inspired by teaching methodologies including Kodaly, Orff and Dalcrose. Classes feature original songs, as well as traditional favourites with live musical performance in every class.

Classes Available

Baby Music Class(0-12mths approx.)

Suitable for newborns to crawlers. An interactive class for babies and parents featuring multi-sensory stimulus through singing, movement and playing percussion instruments as well as experiencing live music played on guitar, ukulele and piano. Music classes for this stage are designed to promote language development, memory, movement and co-ordination as well as teach musical activities that parents can do at home on a regular basis.

Toddler Music Class - (Walkers - 2)

A high energy interactive class for toddlers and parents to enjoy. Children are encouraged to sing, move and play to music using a variety of class percussion instruments and props. This class will feature action songs and rhymes that develop language and speech. Hand percussion and props help develop co-ordination and rhythm and encourage refinement of fine motor skills in a fun and noisy way. A great way to kick-start an interest and love of music and develop musical skills that will help lead on the next stage of musical education.


Pre-School Music Class(Age 2y1/2+ approx.)

Classes build on previous experience and aim to internalise pitch, rhythm and begin introduce basic musical notation. Children will learn through rhythm and singing games, playing instruments and learn musical notation, as well as develop key social skills that will prepare them for school. These include; listening to instructions, turn-taking, sharing and building friendships. An excellent preparatory class to develop musical skills that aid the uptake of music lessons in the future.

Birthday Party Class

Wanting something special at your child's birthday party? Music Lessons Angus can provide a fun filled class tailored for a variety of different spaces, ages and group sizes. Using a combination of activates from our 0-5 music classes, we can create a fun activities for all the party guests through singing, playing instruments featuring action songs, puppets, bubbles, and parachute games. Classes will be accompanied on a piano, guitar or ukulele depending on space.  

Please note that age groups are just a guide and that if you feel your child is more suited to a different class then please get in touch. Younger and older siblings welcome in each class





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